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Navigating the maya or illusion of the human experience can be challenging.
Our mission is to provide crystals that offer emotional and spiritual support,
reminding you of your truth as you evolve through life's challenges.

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Indulge in the captivating beauty and loving power of crystals with our collection of Love Rock jewellery. Choose from bracelets, necklaces, and pendants featuring your preferred crystals, or opt for one with multiple stones.

Our crystal jewellery not only adds glamour to your outfit but also connects you to the energy of Mother Earth as it touches you skin, promoting and well-being.

Whether you are drawn to their natural beauty or believe in their metaphysical properties, our crystal jewellery is a stylish and meaningful addition to any collection.


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Abode of 'Satya'

  • Living Space Entrance

    Place clear quartz towers at the entrance of your living spaces to shield from negative energies or 'drishti (evil eye)' from entering
    your safe haven

  • Living Room

    Fill your social interactions with love, joy and awareness. Use from our selection of geodes, clusters, crystal statues and more

  • Dining Table

    Practice mindful eating and soak in all the nourishment from the food. Allow Azurite, Calcite and Black Tourmaline Davas to help

  • Kitchen

    Fill your sacred space where food is cooked and nourishment is provided with pure love using Rose Quartz or Pink Calcite

  • Bed Room

    Rest well and enhance your connection with your sub conscious as you sleep using Amethyst, Amazonite, Rainbow Obsidian or Rose Quartz

  • Vastu Support

    Balance the energy of the five elements in your living space using Orgonite Pyramids

Living Space Entry
Living Room
Dining Table
Bed Room
Vastu Support

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Happy Customer Stories

When I was doing Triangle meditation with Clear Quartz Merkabah today, I felt immense love coming from the crystal. Actually, the crystal looks like a white angel - only light. The form took me somewhere, we were flying up but now I'm not in the body but light. The crystal deva took me to a big bright brilliant light castle or Loka where everything is pure white light. I looked around there are many people but with light bodies. I saw a big Aum and then Swami. There is no end inside that place. It was extended light in all directions.

Hema Mullaguru

As I prayed to all my crystals to help me choose the right one, I picked up the moonstone as today is Purnima. But the Botswana Agate literally prompted me to take it and as I just held it in my hands, it just showed its presence that I have to pray and ask for beautiful solutions and answers for the challenges rather than focusing on the difficulties. The kind of security, comfort, and inner strength I felt immediately. I am so grateful for this experience to my crystal devas.


An Ode to the one and only Vesuvianite Deva.

I now know why all roads lead to Rome. So that we can pick some vesuvianite on our way This is the coolest Deva in town. Seriously, such a chill being. I love his attitude toward life and reminds me of my younger self fearless and ready to take on life with
cheer and curiosity. This Deva started working on me immediately when we partnered, but working with him for an extended period of time, i.e. for several months, seems to be really helpful when you want to let go of some strong patterns.

Lakshmi Narayanan


I have been using the Amethyst crystal for 15 days now and it has been able to calm me a lot. People around me are able to know the difference too and I am internally
feeling a lot of silence and calmness and things around me seem to have become very simple.

Dr. Padma Priya

Very true. Ruby has always protected me. This crystal is very sensitive in the sense that if you ignore her by not wearing it then she will change color and protest. You need to keep her close to you. Fiercely beautiful who will love and protect you so deeply and ground you to self. That's my experience. Thank you devas team for being there for me.. the journey with crystals started long back in the year 2015.

Aishwarya A S