4 Crystals To Build Emotional & Mental Immunity During The Unlocking

4 Crystals To Build Emotional & Mental Immunity During The Unlocking

After months of settling into what perhaps felt like a never-ending lockdown from the pandemic, there is hope as people gear up for unlocking 2.0! However, the pandemic has given rise to fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. In such a time, you could turn to the Crystal Devas to be by your side and help you develop, mental and emotional immunity!

Crystals are powerful instruments and support every aspect and situation in your life! The UNLOCKING CRYSTALS are perfect to help you meet the uncertainty of these times with immense courage and clarity!

The Devas suggest the following crystals for this time

The Tiger’s Eye is an excellent stone for providing support! The Tiger’s Eye Crystal Deva will help you dispel all fears and anxieties, build courage, and strengthen your inner resolve in the face of vulnerability and threat!

The Labradorite is a phenomenal stone to strengthen the Inner Connection! While change and uncertainty have eternally been the nature of life itself, the pandemic has now brought us closest to facing and accepting this truth, choicelessly. Therefore, in this ever-changing course of life the only ‘constant’ you seek truly lies within you – Your True, Divine Self. The Labradorite Crystal Deva will clear your inner vision and strengthen your inner connection by helping you derive from the Infinite wisdom of your Divine Self, which already has solutions to any seeming problems or questions you are presented with, and knows no worry but only love, peace, joy, and abundance!

Rose Quartz

It is important to watch your thoughts and inner state of being during these times. Where there is love and peace, there is emotional strength. When you are filled with love and peace within, you attract only positive experiences.

Himalayan Quartz

The Himalayan Quartz fills you with positivity and allows consciousness to shine on consciousness, thus reminding you of the truth. Ask your Himalayan Quartz crystal to help alleviate all fears!

Go ahead and Gift yourself and your loved ones these precious UNLOCKING CRYSTALS!

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