Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should we do if some crystal breaks?
Ans. Japamala can be rethreaded if it breaks twice but if it breaks more than two or three times then you should bury it in the soil, the same goes for the other shapes of crystals as well.

  • How do we charge Crystals?
Ans. To re-energize or recharge your crystal you can do any of the following:
Infuse them with moonlight by putting them in a glass or steel plate outdoors in full moonlight.
Infuse them with early morning sunlight, clear quartz, and sunstone can be placed under the early morning sunlight for 15 minutes. This method is appropriate only for select crystals. The color of other crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, and many more tend to fade in sunlight.
Burying them in the earth for at least two weeks.
Placing them in a natural water source (such as a pond, stream, or ocean).
Using prana (breath), by blowing healing breath into the stone 3 times.
Writing an ॐ three times with your finger on the crystal is a powerful way to charge the crystal. After you have cleansed and charged the crystal, attune it to your energy. You can hold the crystal in your palm and affirm “Please attune me to your core vibration and guide me towards my highest growth now”. Once you complete, you know the Crystals are once again ready to support you in your journey!
Placing your Crystals in rainwater for 15 minutes is a good way to cleanse and energize them.
  • Can we wear different crystals at the same time?
Ans. Kindly reach out to us, about which crystal you would like to wear together.
  • Is there any time limit to wear crystals?
Ans. No there is no time limit to wear but please remove crystals before sleeping.
  • Where should we place the crystals before sleeping?
Ans. You can keep it in your pooja room.
  • Can anyone from our family wear my crystal?
Ans. No, you cannot exchange your crystals with anyone else. The crystal you wear is attuned to you; you cannot share it with anyone else.
  • How do you cleanse crystals?
Ans. It is good to cleanse the crystal to release any old, toxic energy that it may have absorbed. Choosing how and when a crystal needs cleansing is a personal decision. But you will know when the crystal’s effectiveness seems to diminish or when its energy feels tired. Some ways to cleanse them are:
1. Gently rinse them under tap water.
2. Use our crystal cleanser/ spray.
3. Spray Vibhuti (sacred ash) water.
  • How should I choose crystals by myself?
Ans. You can select crystals intuitively by being drawn towards their color, energy, and shape or you may simply feel the crystal is calling out to you. You can even choose according to their healing properties, and you can even consult Mrs. Shivani Sinha Sola or Ms. Shaguna Sinha regarding the same.