Who We Are

Our Story

Love Rocks is a brand of healing crystals from Devas Unlimited.

We started Devas Unlimited in 2008, as guided by our Guru when He told Shivani (Co-Founder) “Devas Unlimited is meant to help people connect with their true Self. The Devas are here to help you do this. They are pure light and love.”

While we started by offering service for inner wellbeing, somewhere along our journey, we got introduced to Crystals. Crystals are powerful healing instruments and beings’ with high consciousness. That is why we lovingly refer to them as Crystal Devas.

Crystal Devas strongly support you in your personal and spiritual transformation. They illuminate, nurture and enrich your life and bring about the inner wellbeing that we all seek.

From humble beginnings, today we have clients from all walks of life in more than 50 countries across the world.

At a personal level, we hail from a family of followers of Goddess Gayatri and Sathya Sai Baba. Our grandparents sowed the seeds of spirituality and love for mother Gayatri in our hearts. And Sai Baba drew us to Him in His mysterious ways as He does with innumerable people. He is our guiding light pointing us to the truth that only the Self, only Consciousness Is. And that true inner wellbeing is possible when we are centered in this truth. 

On many an occasion Sai Baba blessed our personal crystals when we took them to Him.

We are grateful that we found the Crystal Devas and that our clients found them too!