Does your ‘Love’ ROCK?

Does your ‘Love’ ROCK?

Love Certainly Rocks! Doesn’t It?

Now, before you go thinking, that was a nice marketing tag-line for ‘Lock Rocks’, hold on! Read that again.

We seek ‘love’ in every relationship, more so our intimate relationships. And we all know that Love usually blossoms in relationships when there is a surplus of trust and acceptance. So, today we want you to reflect on ‘How can I boost my Trust Quotient in my intimate relationships?’

Trust essentially requires two key elements:

1) Self-worth

Wait…What!!! How is my self-worth connected to trust?, you may ask. The degree to which you are stable in your self-worth, will be the degree to which you will be secure about your partner’s behavior or reactions in the relationship. The less stable you are in your ‘self-worth’, the more you will project your insecurities and lack of trust onto your partner, even though your partner may be ‘made in heaven’ & ‘imported for your sake’ on Earth!

But, worry not! You have help. You have your Superhero Crystal Deva Buddies to the rescue, who are ready and bubbling to help remind you of your amazing self-worth. So, which Superhero Crystal Deva Buddy for Self-worth?

♥ Smokey Quartz 

This buddy is going to destroy all false notions you may have about yourself and is going to remind you of your true self-worth like no other.

Have this crystal around you in the form of a mala, or just keep it on your desk in the form of a cluster or sphere and let the Deva do its magic by snapping away all false notions of lack of self-worth in you.

2) Open Communication:

Another important ingredient for trust is to entertain open communication about your thoughts, feelings and view points with a loving intent to share rather than put the other person down. This can have a multiplier effect on your trust quotient like no other.

Your Superhero Crystal Deva Buddies to give you a boost for this one are:

♥ Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz  enables and helps you to amplify the ‘Love Frequency’ in your communication (to have the flavor of ‘Love’ in your message)

♥ Ruby

Ruby is great to expand your heart and also to balance your emotions during your interactions

♥ Turquoise

Turquoise is the true cornerstone for boosting communication in your relationships

(Rose Quartz Ruby and Turquoise) Wear these beauties, keep them in your living space or hold onto them for dear life during your meditations. They work all the same!

Thanos from the ‘Avengers’ movie had only 6 stones to wipe out half of creation. We give you more than that, to support you in making your creation supremely beautiful.

Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead and don’t forget your Superhero Crystal Deva Buddies.

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