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Love Rocks

Multistone Multishaped Long Necklace

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Healing Properties

It Consists of the following stones :

Rose quartz: Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love. It brings about heart healing, opens the heart to love on all levels, and centres your energy on self-love. It carries the energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment, and comfort. It supports the dissolution of anger, resentment, fear, and suspicion, brings the light of healing, and rekindles hope and faith in the benevolence of the universe.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is the most versatile and multidimensional crystal in the mineral kingdom and aids in enhancing spiritual awareness, intensifying your awakening, healing, meditation, communication with Masters, Spiritual Guides, the Angelic Realm, plants, and animals. It amplifies the positive energy or intent that is programmed into it. Clear quartz is ideal to be soaked in water that can then be used for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Moonstone: Moonstone is a nurturing stone and bestows gentleness and calmness on the emotional body. It helps to balance masculine and feminine polarities. Associated with the feminine, it enhances the intuitive side of the mind. Moonstone teaches you to attune to the natural rhythms of life.

Fluorite: Fluorite is a ‘stone of discernment and aptitude’. Its energy is predisposed to discourage chaotic, disruptive, and disorganised growth. Green fluorite can bring cleansing, tidying, mint-like freshness, and renewal to the chakras. It is a very good stone for transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It is also a powerful healing crystal.

Labradorite: Labradorite is a stone that brings clarity to inner sight and inner strength. It helps in your process of transformation and change and enhances feelings of inner worth. It is powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions. Labradorite helps with disorders of the eyes and brain at the physical level.

Onyx Black: The Onyx crystal enhances one’s awareness of visions and dreams. It heightens self-trust, self-control, and grounding and is good for individuals who would like to increase their focus and concentration. It enhances self-mastery, steadfastness, and determination.

Amethyst: An excellent crystal for meditation. It calms and soothes the mind and restores balance. When one feels blocked and mentally clumsy, an amethyst helps by refining the thinking process. Good for hyperactive children. Brings wisdom and comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one or a relationship. Good for healing backaches and headaches.

Carnelian: Carnelian stimulates mental focus, analytical capabilities, and precision. It awakens inherent talents. It is an excellent touchstone for creative people as it helps in the conception of ideas in teaching, healing, and parenting. It protects against envy, fear, and rage and helps to eliminate sorrow from the emotional body.

Garnet: Garnet is the “stone of health," pulling out the negative energy from the chakras and transmuting it. It helps in bringing expansiveness to awareness and manifestation. It stimulates one’s passion, carrying the creative powers to the stage of implementation. It is also the “stone of commitment"—to  purpose, to others, and to oneself.

Product Details:

Bead Size: NA

Bead Type: Multishaped

No. of beads:

No. of Layers: 1

Colour: Multicoloured



Product Disclaimer

  1. Individual features such as colour, texture, and formation may vary slightly from product images. This is because each piece is a natural formation of Mother Earth.
  2. The product size and dimensions are approximate.
  3. Props used in the product images are not part of the product.
  4. Small holes and crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible, as nature makes them.
  5. The colours of the crystals will vary as they are unique in the world. The crystals shown are for reference only, as these are natural items. Please note that the colour of each item will vary.
  6. You will receive one crystal unsimilar to the ones photographed. The photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.
  7. GST and shipping charges will be calculated during checkout.

Legal Disclaimer:

  1. We cannot guarantee that the colours, sizes, and textures displayed on our website will exactly match the colours, sizes, and textures of the product that you ordered, as every stone is mined differently. If you have any questions about a particular colour or shade, please contact us prior to ordering for clarification.
  2. All dimensions are measured manually, so there might be a slight variation.
  3. The image has been enlarged for better viewing, so kindly go through the dimensions mentioned for the actual size of the product.

Safety Information:

Detergents and lotions can damage the finishing and colour of the stones / crystals.


Please make a video while opening your package to claim any damage or missing article.


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Multistone Multishaped Long Necklace
Multistone Multishaped Long Necklace
Multistone Multishaped Long Necklace
Multistone Multishaped Long Necklace