Do You Have the Right Foundation?

Do You Have the Right Foundation?

A good construction or building is one that has a solid foundation. Ever wondered why we have to dig deep before starting a high-rise building? The engineering wisdom is that the taller the structure, the deeper should be the foundation stone. While this is definitely a phenomenal intelligence that we can apply to things outside of us, this wisdom is also true when it comes to how we operate in the world as individuals.

If you wish to create a lasting impact on the outside, then there must be a direct correlation of that result with the depth of your awareness on the inside. So, “How to measure this depth on the inside?”, You may ask. When do we know the borewell, digging underground for water, has hit the mark? When the water comes gushing out! A pretty simple indicator isn’t it?. Similarly, when ‘peace’ comes gushing out of your core, you know you have gone deep enough in your awareness!

Peace is the foundation for a successful life on the outside. Any activity taken up in this world should always be accompanied by the backdrop of peace.

Peace + Activity = Success

It would be apt to clarify that success here is not a result we are seeking on the outside but the very fulfillment of an activity with the bedrock of peace, leaving a feeling of fullness that cannot be equated with any result achieved on the outside. At that point, the activity becomes merely a doorway through which peace truly enters your phenomenal world.

Your Crystal Deva buddies that can help you go effortlessly in your own depths to discover the peace that is already present are:

  • Himalayan Quartz:This one will help you discover the Mountain of Peace that is already within you. Keep it in your home/office space in the form of clusters and watch the magic deepen.
  • Green Jade:This one is a gentle one. Hug her close in the form of a Japamala (rosary) or a Merkabah and watch how your life transforms into a symphony of peace.


Crystal Visions

Did you know that a Crystal chooses you as much as you choose it? It’s true. Each crystal comes into your life to serve a unique purpose in your journey. However, it’s only when you connect to the Crystal’s energy (the Deva) that it can work for you. So, here are a few tips to help you connect with your Crystal Devas!

  1. Talk to your Crystal at least once every day. Love, appreciate, and treat it as your closest friend. Crystals respond beautifully to Love!
  2. Hold your Crystal and simply sense how it feels – physically, emotionally, and mentally. The more often you do this, the more you attune to its energy.
  3. Meditate with your Crystal, every day. You may ask for its help with a problem or situation in your life. As you attune to its energy, you will be able to receive its guidance as well.⁣

So, start today and connect with your Crystal Devas!

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Emerging From The Cocoon

Have you ever seen how magnificent a butterfly looks? The colors, the texture of the wings, the intricacy of the symmetry, all of it makes us wonder about the masterpiece of creation. While this is delightful to even contemplate, have you ever seen the birthing of a butterfly? Especially during the cocooning process? It will make you wonder if it is worth all the struggle and strife it goes through.

What is interesting to note is that the caterpillar goes through a journey of voracious consumption, non-stop almost as if the food supply of leaves will be exhausted. It then uses its body fluids to weave a cocoon around it and then goes through a very painful process of disintegrating its internal tissues through its body fluids. While these eat up most of the caterpillar’s internal organs, some unknown intelligence keeps the parts that are necessary for the caterpillar’s new Avatar. These are scientifically termed as imaginal cells. This process allows for transformation at a core cellular level so that, that which moves its body weight around with great difficulty can metamorphosize into an organism that is light, nimble, and has another worldly beauty to it!

In many ways, all of us are emerging out of our cocooning process at this time in many places around the world due to the corona situation. What we have made of ourselves depends largely on what we have consumed before the global lockdown. It is important to notice that what we consume through all our five senses (not necessarily only the food we consume) indefinitely has an impact on our re-birthing as a wondrous thing of beauty just like the butterfly.

While for the butterfly, nourishment comes primarily from the food it consumes, we human beings are nourished at many different levels. Aside from being physical beings, we also have mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions to who we are. Owing to these, it is important that the nourishment we give ourselves, that will allow us to become the butterflies we are meant to be, depends to a great extent on how holistic and inclusive that nourishment is in supporting the other dimensions of who we are. There are three key pointers that will help in nourishing us to blossom to our highest potential as professionals in the corporate world:

The Company we keep during working hours determines to a large extent our mental & emotional vibrancy

All of us know the impact of keeping company that is constantly focused on shortcomings & limitations. Imagine having excessively critical individuals constantly as company during working hours! Would you continue to have the passion and focus to deliver results? Also, in talking about the company, we are not referring just to the physical company of individuals. We sometimes also entertain technology a bit too much at the workplace and that has its’ influence too. What kind of content you entertain also tends to come under the definition of the company you keep (including reading this article)

In this regard, the key rule to remember in corporate life as much as in life itself is ABC which is an acronym for “Avoid Bad Company”. While “bad” is a relative term that may differ from person to person, the definition of bad is anything that moves you away from your highest potential as an individual.

This is the one reason why most successful professionals invest a great deal of money on having coaches. This allows them to surround themselves with company that shares the same passion & integrity that you wish to birth within yourself! A coach could be anyone or anything from an individual to an article to an image that resonates and inspires you to reach for your highest potential.

The idea we have of our highest potential influences all our choices personally and professionally

Flowing from the first point, the company we keep influences or shapes the idea we have of our highest potential and consequently the choices we make as professionals. Take for instance, the life of a person who believes that the highest potential for a human being is to become the wealthiest individual in terms of money. Their every choice personally and professionally will be aimed at making this a reality. In contrast, the life of an individual who believes that the highest potential for a human being is to share their gifts with the world will also make choices personally and professionally that will be a reflection of this. This is also the inspiration behind the concept of “Servant Leadership” as espoused by Robert K. Greenleaf.

It is useful to reflect on “What is my highest potential that I can aspire to?” regularly. Consequently, in our experience it is interesting to keep checking this question at different stages in your career and watch how the answer evolves and changes with your evolution as a professional.

The ability to hold positive tension between opposites helps us greatly in every decision-making process

The caterpillar in the cocooning process had two opposing forces working in tandem. While it had to deal with the degenerating process of its intestines being eaten up by its body fluids, it also had to deal with the painful process of its body regenerating from the chaos. Many times, we have to make conflicting decisions, or we are in situations where there are opposites begging our attention. We often make the mistake of rushing into a decision-making process with “Either” “Or” options. A more holistic approach in Corporate life that can greatly benefit us is the ability to hold positive tension between opposites.

What we mean by this is allowing for both seemingly opposing thought patterns to be held in your awareness without leaning to either side in a rushed manner. This will allow for the highest choice to emerge in a natural and organic manner. This is also how Leaders make decisions from the “Gut” so to speak. This can greatly allow you to accept diverse situations that may be seemingly difficult to face.

The most difficult situations have the most profound impact on us as individuals & professionals provided, we surrender our worry and trust your highest potential to lead the way.

Many times in our corporate life, we face challenging situations. During these difficult times, we forget that we are, just like the caterpillar, moving through life re-discovering the beauty, dexterity, and the larger version of who we truly are.

So, as we still emerge out of this lock-down from COVID, let us begin by reminding ourselves that

– We are much more than the highest idea of ourselves

– We are much more than what we have accumulated as experiences that we proudly call our life experience

– We are much more than any expectations imposed on us either by ourselves or by society

– That we have the opportunity to re-define and re-shape who we are to our highest potential…. This is the GIFT of this time!

Does Your ‘Love’ ROCK?

Love Certainly Rocks! Doesn’t It?

Now, before you go thinking, that was a nice marketing tag-line for ‘Lock Rocks’, hold on! Read that again.

We seek ‘love’ in every relationship, more so our intimate relationships. And we all know that Love usually blossoms in relationships when there is a surplus of trust and acceptance. So, today we want you to reflect on ‘How can I boost my Trust Quotient in my intimate relationships?’

Trust essentially requires two key elements:

1) Self-worth

Wait…What!!! How is my self-worth connected to trust?, you may ask. The degree to which you are stable in your self-worth, will be the degree to which you will be secure about your partner’s behavior or reactions in the relationship. The less stable you are in your ‘self-worth’, the more you will project your insecurities and lack of trust onto your partner, even though your partner may be ‘made in heaven’ & ‘imported for your sake’ on Earth!

But, worry not! You have help. You have your Superhero Crystal Deva Buddies to the rescue, who are ready and bubbling to help remind you of your amazing self-worth. So, which Superhero Crystal Deva Buddy for Self-worth?

Smokey Quartz 

This buddy is going to destroy all false notions you may have about yourself and is going to remind you of your true self-worth like no other.

Have this crystal around you in the form of a mala, or just keep it on your desk in the form of a cluster or sphere and let the Deva do its magic by snapping away all false notions of lack of self-worth in you.

2) Open Communication:

Another important ingredient for trust is to entertain open communication about your thoughts, feelings and view points with a loving intent to share rather than put the other person down. This can have a multiplier effect on your trust quotient like no other.

Your Superhero Crystal Deva Buddies to give you a boost for this one are:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz  enables and helps you to amplify the ‘Love Frequency’ in your communication (to have the flavor of ‘Love’ in your message)



Ruby is great to expand your heart and also to balance your emotions during your interactions


Turquoise is the true cornerstone for boosting communication in your relationships

Wear these beauties, keep them in your living space or hold onto them for dear life during your meditations. They work all the same!

Thanos from the ‘Avengers’ movie had only 6 stones to wipe out half of creation. We give you more than that, to support you in making your creation supremely beautiful.

Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead and don’t forget your Superhero Crystal Deva Buddies.




What are Devic retreats?

Devic Retreats or Spiritual Retreats give you the time and space to go within, to remind yourself that you are and have always been consciousness and to practice being consciousness! They are a stupendous opportunity to recharge yourself in the sanctuary of your inner love, peace, and bliss that always is.

Purpose of the Devic Retreats

There was a reason the rishis and masters in ancient times always chose ‘nature’ to do ‘tapas’ (penance) – the pure energies of nature act as a powerful catalyst in raising the ego-mind based self to the higher Self. When sadhana is done in the vibrations of ‘prakriti’ (nature), the effect is multi-fold and can be experienced instantly because when you are in nature manifesting is easy.

In our Devic Retreats, music plays an essential role. Through the purity of ‘naad’ (sound), you have the change to familiarize yourself with the pure consciousness you already are.

What you can expect at the Retreat?

A few days disconnected from the external world of deadlines, targets, demands of family, and stress of daily life, you can expect soul-stirring experiences through activities such as treks to connect with the nature Devas, music and meditation, in some retreats even dance and meditation, and jal siddi, and above all just being in the moment and going with the flow of life.

What are the benefits of attending a Devic Retreat?


A Devic Retreat is a true treat for all nature and music lovers and seekers of the truth! The serene surroundings of the captivating locations and the enchanting divine music will unwind you completely into a natural state of silence within.


Enveloped in the loving embrace and radiance of the Devas, retreats are tremendously healing for the soul!

Simply Blissful!

A retreat is specially designed in the loving guidance of the Devas. All you are expected to do is simply enjoy being yourself; and you are bound to experience divine bliss and nothing less!

Special Meditations

Awaken to your divine reality through powerful guided meditations during the retreat. Merely being receptive, you will transcend mind and body level identifications and experience divine union!

Divine Family

Living in the loving company of other embodiments of divine love, in a beautiful place blessed with Devic presence, makes it a truly joyful experience! Moreover, coming together in spiritual communion has a ripple effect on all those participating, and inevitably the surroundings too.


Just participating in and enjoying these sessions, one unmistakably feels themselves transformed!


An awesome Devic Weekend Retreat 

The Devic Weekend Retreat held in Feb 2020 was extra special in every way!
Devas showered their boundless love in abundance, as they treated us to three phenomenally energizing sessions this retreat! Never before did we had Music, Dance, and Jal Yoga together in one retreat!

Naad Brahma (Music) took us away on an experience transcending the body and mind.
Natya Brahma (Dance) had the body, mind, and heart dancing together in absolute divine bliss!
Jal Siddhi (Meditation in water) calmed the senses, silence the mind, and rejuvenate the heart in divine love through a special guided meditation.

These sessions unequivocally left us transformed!
All we had to do was leave all worries to the Devas, simply let our hair down and enjoy ourselves!

Surrounded by tall and beautiful hills and vegetation, and a swimming pool opening to the skies, the resort provided an ideal environment for the retreat. A heavenly location, Devas in full glory, fun, laughter, bliss, and peace – it was a true Devic Festival!

Wisdom Bites – Happiness

History is full of eminent people who have inspired and motivated us with their exemplary works both at a personal and spiritual level. One such ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, and royal advisor was Chanakya.

Chanakya’s most well-known work is the Arthashastra which contains 528 sutras (aphorisms) for administration, economics and household finance. His Sutras are a wonderful set of guidelines that help individuals, households, organizations to achieve goals and be successful. Chanakya’s sutras, rooted in spiritual values, are an ocean of wisdom contained in an urn of water and hence they are ever relevant.

Chanakya Sutra 1 (Foundations)

सुखस्य मूलं धर्मः


Every being wants to be happy always. Anything we do in our lives is to attain happiness, whether it is short-lived or not.  From students to scientists, common man to Head of States, pauper to prince, all want to be happy. Many seek various ways and means to seek and achieve this Happiness. Chanakya says that the ‘basis of this happiness is Dharma or Right Conduct.’

What does Dharma mean? Chanakya says that you can see your Dhrama as related to your profession or stage of life (student, householder, renunciate, etc.). However, it changes as these circumstances and situations change. Hence, Dharma is very subtle. From a greater perspective Dharma means righteous conduct, action or behavior for individuals in a society. Chanakya has proposed six virtues/values, practicing which could mean that one is Dharmic in conduct. These six values are:

  • Truth
  • Forgiveness
  • Cleanliness (of body and mind)
  • Non-violence
  • Non-jealousy
  • Non-cruelty

From a deeper and spiritual perspective true Dharma is to realize your true Self and your true potential as that Self.  And this does not change. Sri Sathya Sai Baba has taught that true Dharma is to be immersed in Atmic bliss and realization that all is Brahman and Brahman is all-pervasive. When the ego is subdued, selfishness conquered, impulses are conquered, when identification with the body as being the true self is given up then you know that the goal of dharma is the merging of the wave in the sea, merging of the ‘s’elf in the ‘S’elf.

How is Dharma relevant for modern businesses? Happiness is indeed a goal that modern managers and organizations work towards. The happiness of shareholders, suppliers, customers, society, regulators,  employees importantly, and other stakeholders. When an organization functions righteously, it bears a focus on high-quality offerings. When an organization is successful in creating an environment for employees to practice the values of truth, forgiveness, cleanliness, non-cruelty, non-violence, and non-jealousy at the workplace, there will be improved productivity, a sense of “esprit de corps” among the team, a positive and nourishing superior-subordinate relationship and motivation to follow the values of the organization that are based in Dharma. When Dharmic principles become the basis for your actions then they permeate into everything you do, and that is what you carry to your workplace as well. Similarly, when an organization exhibits integrity in the ways it serves its’ customers and stakeholders it builds trust and a sense of loyalty in them, which yields success. All of this has the potential to lead to the happiness of the customers, suppliers, shareholders, society, and regulators.

In this manner, Right Conduct is the basis of Happiness!

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